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Thanks for all the super wishes wishing me a super birthday. I must admit that I was shocked with the amount of people wishing me a happy birthday. 
I must  thank all of you for remembering me. Now I think that all of you have been thinking why I haven't been writing back.
Well the think is that I am very busy at the moment.

Do not worry I am not ignoring anybody I just haven't got time. So I hope this journal can serve as a BIG thank you to ALL who have remembered me.

THANKS SO MUCH , guys and girls , THANKS SO MUCH.

Yours Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor. :-)
Yes , I have finally done it. 10 000 pageviews. I am so so happy. Seriously I have never thought that I would reach this magical number.

So what have I learned? That it doesn't matter how many likes you have got , it doesn't matter how many pageviews you have , you just have to be happy with your art and no matter what people say you must do what you like.

I have to thank everybody who has supported me all this way. From the amazing people who gave me those amazing hints how to improve my work to those great people who just visit my page.

A great thanks to all of you and I hope you keep enjoying my art in the future.
Again 10 000. I still cannot believe it. Thanks so much.

Yours Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor.
I would like to express myself here. I am sorry that I have not replied to  all the comments  my great watchers post on my page. I am not ignoring you  , I just have lots to do to school. I usually come home at 4 o clock and I have just the time to prepare for my next day. By the thanks for supporting my little brother here on DA. Thanks a bunch. 
So I hope nobody is offended. But if you want to chat you can give me  the names of your Facebook accounts. I am usually more active there.
So as I said I hope you accept this apology. I am not ignoring you. On the contrary I am happy that you still support me.

A great thanks.  Yours Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor.
May the force be with you all.

I will be back. by dwpor
Well my younger brother has registered here . Yes he is my brother . So now you can say that the Wacey brothers are here.
But back to the request. 
I would really mean so much to me and to him if you could boost him. It would really boost up his confidence . Please note that he is 5 years younger than me.
Here is his link. 
So with that said I hope you could give him the same warm welcome you gave me.
Thanks a lot .
Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor
It has been a amazing summer. When I look back I see massive progress in my art skills. I have worked really hard to get better and now just look for yourselves. It is just awesome to see your work progress to a next level and the best thing is that it is still improving. 
Many people probably ask themselves how do I do it. It is simple. I create my images with the knowledge that they are not perfect but still pretty good.
You see me I just like creating simple works for people to see that not all artworks have to be masterpieces. It is just my hobby to draw.

Now I know of many people who create or draw Twi'lek works. True some are many times better than mine but do not forget. It is not about the amount of comments or the number of pageviews. It is about the quality of the piece. Also what I must not forget that many people helped to create Dwpor. I am talking about my family who have always supported me no matter what . The massive amount of people who have supported me all this way . 
So as you see you all have helped me to get better and I thank you for it.

But what really makes my drawings special is that they are your simple , easy going Twi'leks. In many ways they are like me . I am also your typical , easy going artist-hobbyist who is just happy that someone likes his work. They are not hard to draw  you just need practice. That is all.
So you do need to be afraid to draw them. In fact I encourage you to just give it a try and just draw them. . Sure it takes time and energy but in  time you will see the improvement. 

With that said I will be opening a new folder for people to use. It will be called usable material and you can use the drawing there for you to get better.
But a word of caution . Please do not steal from me. Otherwise you can use the images there.

so with all that said a final thing. Here is a image from a friend .Mummy Halloween Costume 003 by 0biwanken0bie
Here is his link
So with that said thanks for everything . 
Have a great day.
Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor and Fern.
This is something that I have been thinking about for some time. Is it a good idea to upgrade my page to core?
I know people who left DA because of core and I need advice. Should I try to get Dwpor upgraded or should he stay the same old Dwpor?
Now I know that core has it's positives and it's negatives but I want to know from you what you think about it. What do you think about core and what impact would it have on Dwpor?
So what do you think about it? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? I want to hear your thoughts and your apinions.
With this said also what do you think of  my drawings of Twi'lek girls who aren't dressed.  Should I continue or should I stop drawing naked Twi'leks. Again I want to hear your apinion.
Your's Oliver Wacey and Twi'leks.
Thanks for all the tags but sorry to tell you. I do not have much time to respond to the tags. Now I am sorry to tell you this but can you stop with  the tags?
I mean it is so much to ask? I hope I do not offend somebody but what to say I have a lot of work.
Now if it helps the situation I will try to do some tags but I cannot make promises.
I mean you get tagged like 10 times and people expect you to participate and when you do not they get angry.
So as I said I will try to solve this problem but as I have already said I cannot make promises.

So I hope that nobody takes this badly and I hope nobody gets insulted. Again sorry.
Yours Oliver Wacey .
Well it is absolute hell in the Czech Republic. I mean it is so hot here that I sometimes get the feeling that I live near the Mediterranean Sea. Last week we witnessed some of the hottest days in the history of our little republic and it was hell. It v a bit better this week but only a bit.

So with the heat wave I had to slow down my work. I seriously hope that the heat wave will stop. Otherwise I will probably evaporate. And that is no lie.

By the way the requests  that you have ordered are nearly finished just hang with me. The heat is seriously affecting my work.  So I hope that you can wait a bit longer.

And finally I have got good news.  For all the geeks and nerds on the Internet mature content is finally comming to Dwpor.  You will see all kinds of sexy Twi'lek girl drawings. And I am sure that you will like them.
And with that said you  can discuss the this prospect of Twi'lek mature content with me.
Have a great but a very hot day.
Dwpor aka Oliver Wacey.
This is the question that I often ask myself. Is it because I can really draw or is it because I mainly draw the Twi'leks from Star Wars? Me , I think that it's bit of both. Well , as I said many times before I mainly draw Twi'lek females from Star Wars. 
The reason why I draw Twi'lek females? I remember the first time I saw Star Wars episode 6,  especially the part where Oola gets eaten by the Rancor . I asked myself who the hell is she and got extremely curios why was she eaten. I then learned that she was a member of the Twi'lek race and that she was a slave. I asked myself if I could draw members of her race. Most of you have seen my first attempts and know that they weren't so great. But I worked myself and got better. It took a lot of my time and a lot of my energy. So , when people see my new work ,  they ask me how is it that I can draw so well. Guys , it takes time to improve and learn but you must never doubt or loose faith because that is your real enemy.

That is one of the main reasons why I continue to draw. But back to the topic. One of the main reasons why I decided to focus especially on the Twi'lek race is because I learned that they have a bad reputation. I must disagree. Not all of them are scum , prostitutes and slaves. Just look at my work. Most of my characters aren't slaves , scum and prostitutes. And those who have that history , changed. Now I have met a lot of people who create Twi'lek drawings or images and learned that you cannot judge people by the way they create their art. Me, I just hate people who draw Twi'leks being abused and humiliated. That  is my opinion.

Now I know that they are fiction but still. Just imagine somebody abused you and humiliated you. You wouldn't be happy. With that said my characters have personalities based on people that I met. I am talking about the characters that I have created.
As an example I will name some my characters. Ardana Zian has bits of my personality . She is stubborn and she always thinks that she is right but sometimes she just needs  some advice. Chataya has the  attribute of my mother. People come to her for advice or just to talk to her. She always know what to say to people and how to help them with their problems. Just as my mother.
So with all that said I think that you like my art and I am happy that you like it.
Dwpor aka Oliver Wacey.
1.How long have you been on DeviantArt?
 3 super months.
2.What does your username mean?
 Good question. I really do not know. It just appeared in my mind one day and I thought that it is good.
3.Describe yourself in three words.
 Artist . Fan. Reader.
4.Are you left or right handed?
 Right handed .
5.What was your first deviation?

6.What is your favorite type of art to create?
 My favorite art is traditional . I just love it.
7.If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
 Probably digital .
8.What was your first favourite?
9.What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
 Well , probably Science fiction, Fantasy and realistic art.
10.Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
 That is a very good question. There are so many great and amazing artists here , that it is really hard to answer. I cannot answer  the question.
11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
 Hmm, anybody really. Because most of the people that I have met  here are amazing .
12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
 Never lose faith and keep on drawing no matter what.
13.What are your preferred tools to create art?
  Graphite pencils , normal pencils , rubber , a piece of paper , graphite and good music.
14.What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
 At home , in  my bedroom.
15.What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
 All the  beautiful time , that I have spent here. All the nice people ,that I have had the honor to meet and talk to.

With that said HAPPY  15TH BIRTHDAY DeviantArt.

  • Mood:  Happy and a bit tired but happy.
  • Listening to:  Avicii ,  Coldplay and Phil Collins 
  • Reading: The lord of the rings.
  • Watching: The Flash
  • Playing: Destiny
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Syrup

Here I want to express myself. I want to thank all the super people who have supported me all this way.
From the great people who visit my page to the amazing people who put the interesting comments.
Thank you.
And there are many more amazing people who support me with adding my works to their favorites.
In fact there are so many people who helped shape Dwpor that I am amazed  . I have met great people and they have helped me to improve myself and my art skills.
You want proof ? A few days ago  I asked some people give  critiques of one of my works. They answered and gave super critiques of my work . I want to thank all of you for all the great critiques. 
Secondly I want to confess . When I started DA I never thought that  people would like my work and that was one of the main reason why I delayed my signing on this amazing page. But I was mistaken. It seems that people like my work And I am very happy that they do.
With that said I was thinking about changing my work a bit. You will be seeing some remakes of my old works.
Then you will see more Mass Effect drawing like the Asari , the Salarians , the Volus , the Batarians , the Collectors and many more.
Also you will see some characters from Marvel , DC and Dark Horse. Probably the Moon Knight , Black Panther , Taskmaster , Man Bat , Cheetah , Captain America , Wonder Woman , Rorschach and many more.
Also some drawings from Doctor Who , Lord of the rings and Eragon.
So with that said , thanks for the support and stay with me. Things are about to get interesting.
Dwpor aka Oliver Wacey.
So I have decided. I am staying here. I looked at Dwpor and I couldn't just scrap him. After all the hard work I have done I cannot just quit. Also I wouldn't have expected that so many people like my work. Really I was so amazed with all the comments encouraging me to continue my work. I really thank all of you. You are simply amazing and I cannot take my work from you. 
So Dwpor is back and I am happy with it.
Have a amazing day.
Oliver Wacey aka Dwpor.
I have done a lot  of thinking in the last few days. I may scrap Dwpor or one lucky guy or girl may get the password to the account.
I will think about it but most of me is already decided. So I will let you know in 3 days. You won't be seeing probably new works.
It is a very sad sight to see this but there is still a slight chance that I will not quit.
Have a good day.
Dwpor [maybe for the last time]
I have had a super day. Been to Brno and bought some great comics. I mean Moon Knight comics . Seriously , Mark Specter takes no shit. Great Marvel comic . I mean I am a big fan of Moon Knight and that edition where he fights the Taskmaster , absolutely awesome.  Also having a super time , listening to some great music and drinking Coca Cola.  And drawing Darth Talon mark 2 and I do not want to boast but she is going to be awesome. And looking at all the support and encouragement . Great job all of you. Thanks for all the comments on my artwork come closer if you dare. Have a good day.
I have thought about the whole story background of my characters and I have came up with an interesting idea. Now I have the story already prepared but what is somebody else decided what is the past of my characters? Simply said , if somebody else has any ideas for the background don't hesitate to contact me. But back to my request. I am looking for talented writers. I will be taking ideas that you have and together we could create the background for my characters. Again simply said you can choose the story  , you can decide about the lives of my characters. The rules: all ideas must be sent to me before I post the story on DA. Do not worry all of you will be included in the decision making and the best stories will be together with my ideas posted on DA. You will have access to my characters and any questions about them just ask. So lats team up on this project.
I have posted a lot of journals , but this has to be my most honest one. I have had a super holiday in the mountains and I am coming home tomorrow.  But why did I start creating this journal? Simply to let you know that I am deeply in debt to DA and the awesome people here. I want to thank the great people who have been with me since day 1.I want to thank you for the massive trust and the will to stay with me all this time.  Secondly I want to thank all of the amazing people who left all the great comments letting me know that I did a good job. You are awesome and I am in debt to every single one of you. Also I must not be forgetting the massive support from everyone. I am not ungrateful . To those of you who have ordered pictures for me to draw for you , do not doubt  I have not forgotten you and I working on them. Mostly I have to apologise to you , who have gave me your watch and I never responded. I want to thank you for all those super watches. They really mean a lot to me and I hope you accept my sincere apologies. Also I must not forget the people who gave me all those super advices and the super critiques. You have gave me a lot to think about. Thanks a million and have a super day. And finally all the super page viewers .I am happy that you visit my little page and that you like what you see. The lama badges are great and I am greatful for every one of them . And finally I just want to thank all of you for everything. Me and my Twi'lek characters are now in your debt. Again thanks for everything , Dwpor aka Oliver Wacey.
This is yet another topic on my mind. I have thought about this for a very long time. My characters desperately need a a back story . So I started creating a background for my characters. As a example , Ardana Zian is the  twin sister of Ghitsa Galor. Another example , Ardana Zian knows Republic pathfinder Riaya and is the mistress of the Twi'lek dancer Maya. If it wasn't enough the Zian family employs the Twi'lek smugler Calypso and the Hunter Chataya. As you see all of my characters know each other. But I will start writing stories for the characters. The background , the life and choices of every character.
I want to hear a real revue , critique of my artwork , my work and my style. Now I thank you for all the comments like amazing work and great work,  but I need something more detailed. I need to know my strengths and my weaknesses. Also how to improve my art,  my style and the way I draw my pictures. Also maybe you can suggest new styles of art,  that I can explore. Simply said , I need a critique of my work. Your apinion is the key here. So with that said , let's here those ideas. And one last thing,  you do not have to be polite.
When people visit my DA page , they notice  that almost every picture that I draw is Star Wars related. If somebody know anything about Star Wars there is a race which has a very bad and quite sad reputation. I am talking about the Twi'leks. This race is my favourite and it's quite ironic that they are constantly being exploited and humiliated. What I am trying to say is that the reason I draw them is that I trying to address the good side of the Twi'leks. Not all of them are criminals , prostitutes and slave dancers. When you see my pictures , most of the Twi'lek artworks have normal lives and normal jobs. I try not to draw the criminal part of them. Also the slave trade in Star Wars galaxy is quite simply sad and I think that people who draw Twi'lek slave girls being forced to dance or being humiliated are also simply sad. With this said I hope people recognise that not all of the Twi'lek population are criminals and slaves. So I really hope that with future Star Wars projects comes a new dawn for this super race.
I started DA two months ago . It has been a hell of a road. My thoughts are coming true with every picture that I draw. As people know , I am from the Czech Republic. A super country with a super history and a great culture. Nevertheless we are a great country. But , me I am different. Half of my family lives in the UK and Ireland and the other the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has always been hard to fit in the local collective. I will not lie. People often mocked me because of my distinction. But the key is not to give in and keep on trying no matter how hard it gets. This is my motto and motto of my family. But I wasn't always like this. In a different time I was sad , depressed and angry. I couldn't understand the mockery but as I said that was a different time. Now I use my advantage to work on myself and improve myself as a person and as a artist. Now , when I am older , understand everything. People were just a bit jealous of me and yet I am able to meat new people , converse with some super people and simply just finally fit in. And now when I started drawing , my anger and sadness mixed with depression have finally faded. But I forget , that it is also because I have met super and great people on DA. Also I am thankful for the massive support and general pleasantness that everybody has showed me. Every picture that I draw is for you . In the end ,I have finally conquered my old demons. You will never get the  gratitude form you . You have simply changed forever. I am so thankful . Your Dwpor aka Oliver Wacey.